Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

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Source: RCINET
The two most important considerations about cannabis consumption are the product itself and the delivery method. The method of consumption is often overlooked as seen from reports of consumers who experiment only one or two methods. Enjoying the physical and mental benefits of THC edibles depends much on how you consume it, each method giving a variety of effects and a unique experience. In this post, we discuss the primary delivery methods for cannabis. 

Inhalation Methods

When consumed through inhalation, cannabis enters the lungs and then into the bloodstream. The two most prevalent inhalation methods are smoking and vaporization. While smoking is the most ancient method associated with cannabis, advances in vaping technology has provided an alternative method that comes with fewer health concerns than smoking. 

Smokers find a variety of devices including rolling papers, hand pipes, hookahs and water pipes. Different devices offer a unique smoking experience and have their own advantages and limitations. Rolling papers, joints and blunts are traditionally used to smoke cannabis. The most commonly used smoking device today, hand pipes, come in numerous forms and designs. They are simple to use, small and portable. Water pipes include bongs and bubblers and include filtration to provide a cleaner experience. Vaporizers are the ideal choice for experienced and health-concerned users. They offer the medical benefits of cannabis without any health concerns associated with smoking. This method also saves the user from the original taste of cannabis. The market for vaporizers and other vape devices is continuously expanding with the advancement in technology.

Oral Methods

This method of cannabis consumption consist of different ways in which it is taken through the mouth like infused food items, beverages, tinctures and cannabis oils. While THC edibles online sources offer get absorbed through the digestive tract, tinctures enter the bloodstream through membranes inside the mouth and are fast-acting, unlike cannabis-infused foods and drinks. 

Those who look for fast-acting effects and dosage control without any risks associated with smoking can go for tinctures. A few drops of tincture are placed under the tongue and the compound is absorbed into the bloodstream rather than through digestion. 

Ingestible oils are a middle way between concentrates and edibles. They are ingested but come in oil-like consistency. They can either be taken directly or infused into capsules. A variety of online dispensary Canada and stores sell these products in varying consistency and flavours.

You can buy a wide variety of THC edibles which have longer onset periods and cause full-body psychoactive effects. This method shows different effects as compared to other delivery methods that instantly enter the bloodstream such as smoking and vaping. 

Topical Methods

Topical administration of cannabis makes use of cannabis extract. When administered through the skin, the compounds get directly absorbed into the bloodstream and interact with the receptors on the surface. Effects of topicals differ from other methods in that they don’t deliver the head-high feeling that cannabis is famous for. This is why topicals are perfect for users who need a clear-headed, localized relief. 

Topical products include cannabis-infused creams, lotions, ointments, balms, salves, bath bombs and other skin and beauty care products that let users benefit their skin, muscle and joints without having to ingest anything.